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Support Contracts With A Difference! 

We have created unique support contracts that offer the most cost effective solution for you, the customer, whilst providing professional, prompt support. These support agreements have been designed to enable Jacksons Computers to offer our customers the best possible service, expertise and response times at very attractive rates.

It works like this: 

  1. You (the customer) purchase “units” or hours of labour up front. The more units you buy, the cheaper the rates.
  2. Upon payment of the contract, the details of payment and the contract credit is then loaded into our Labour Database.
  3. When you need service or support, we arrive at site and do the work, and then “deduct” the time from your labour contract. This way, you are still only paying for actual work done, but at a much cheaper rate!
  4. At the end of each month, we send you a detailed "Site Visit Summary" showing the following: 
    1. The date and time/s we came to site to deliver service;
    2. Which technician did the work;
    3. What work was done;
    4. Equipment or parts supplied.
    The report commences with your "opening balance" (i.e. contract credit), and as each visit to site occurs, the contract is deducted with the labour/travel, showing a "running" sum of the total hours worked on site and the hours left on your labour contract.
  5. All other services (i.e. sales of new equipment, parts, peripherals, stationery, etc.) are billed as per our standard conditions of sale.
  6. When your contract credit is nearing depletion, you will be notified of this and you then have the option of either purchasing more hours, or switching over onto a C.O.D. basis at our standard labour rate/s.
  7. Because you are a "contract customer," you receive the benefit of reduced hourly rates and high priority of service over non-contracted customers.

Retainer contracts

We can also offer clients a "retainer" contract which is a fixed monthly sum paid upfront for regular ongoing site support. These rates are dependant on the customer’s current IT infrastructure and would entail a detailed on-site evaluation by one of our technical staff. 

For more information on this option, please contact our offices.

How much does it cost?

For a full summary of our standard rates and our contract rates, please click on RATES in the menu at the top of the page.